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Coming Soon

The site is under construction. So far we have one subdomain partially setup: carcraft. We also have full support for HTTPS. We are working on mutiple other projects and will update this page when they are done. We also help people collaberate on Youtube sometimes. Note that things may be slow at first due to everything being done by one person. If you notice any problems try waiting a few minutes and refreshing the page, if they persist contact us at "owner @ atsbusinessandgames . com"

Here is a current list of what we are working on in no particular order. If you would like to see anything get priority feel free to email "owner @ atsbusinessandgames . com" or optionally make a donation and put what we should give priority to as a comment.

Minecraft [modpacks and tools]
Web Apps
Unannouced video related project
Chrome Browser Extention(s)